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Triangler Business Journal Article

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White Rabbit Brewing Co. rolls out hyper-local pumpkin ale
It’s not quite fall yet, but you wouldn’t know by the pumpkin beers hitting taps and shelves around the Triangle.

Before you scoff: According to the Brewers Association, pumpkin beer sales briefly surpassed IPA sales in October, due to a 300,000 case surplus of the seasonal ale.

Plenty of North Carolina craft brewers pride themselves on being local, but White Rabbit Brewing Co. in Angier is hitting close to home – as in, right outside Angier city limits.

Read more here: http://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/blog/2014/09/white-rabbit-brewing-co-rolls-out-hyper-local.html

Proper Pouring Technique….

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1. Hold glass at 45º angle, open faucet fully.
2. Gradually tilt glass upright once beer has reached about the halfway point in the glass.
3. Pour beer straight down into the glass, working the glass to form a one inch collar of foam (“head”). This is for visual appeal as well as carbonation release. A little head is good, release is even better.
4. Close faucet quickly to avoid wasteful overflow, that would be alcohol abuse.